Aug 26

I am called crazy

I say I don’t want to be a part of this world and I am called crazy. While I watch people die not from a lack of resources but rather other peoples choices. I am called crazy. I watch people die not because there isn’t enough food or medicine but because they don’t have enough properly printed paper decided by some to have value and have deemed it necessary for acquiring necessities. I am called crazy for wanting to leave this existence. I have no right to die by choice. I can however be bombed, starved, beaten to death by storm troopers or the various other ways it’s considered okay or legal to die. I watch people vote for compulsive liars. I watch so called news shows that are just like regular shows. News had become opinion rather than facts and I am called crazy. They can murder children and burn the whole world but because I don’t want to be a part of it I am called crazy. What a fucked up world this has become. I guess if normal is to be supportive of this world than I’m better off as crazy.

Feb 07


I see your face and I fucking hate it. Look at you. You talk and talk and talk and do nothing. You’re a waste. You can’t do anything. You don’t know anything. Who the fuck do you think you are? No one likes you. Everyone thinks you’re a moron. Fuck off idiot.

Feb 06


I’m back again today. What else can I do? I’m sick of all this garbage. Everywhere everyday people just ignore the system like it’s going to go away. Keep voting for them like one day they are going to work for the people. They keep dropping bombs while taking food off peoples tables. They don’t ask for permission they just take the money and do it. They kill instead of give life. They take it away as if people prefer to starve the poor and kill some person somewhere. Maybe the right guy maybe a wedding party or allies soldiers. What is going on in this fucking world? What am I seeing? Maybe I’ll see something positive tomorrow.


I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. I can’t think straight. Everyday it’s just more and more bad news. The little bit of good that happens is drowned out by the constant fear campaign they bombard us with daily. Fear and lies. Buy this, that’s illegal. Kill them, support our troops. They just want to kill us. But not quickly slowly and costly. They want us to slave and pay for it. Worship and beg for scraps. With some bullshit lie about equal opportunities. Look around. Help someone. Get to know your neighbors. Do anything you can to become less dependent on these people that claim to be working for us and trying to help us. Beware of them. It’s all lies and propaganda. They want war and death and slaves. We keep giving them exactly what they want year after fucking year. It’s not music it’s not video games that influence our children it’s our hypocrisy. We tell them all this bullshit then convince them to do the opposite. Tell them to love and teach them to hate.

Aug 10


Jul 27


Today I came to the conclusion all these thoughts and no where near fusion, sitting on the sidelines watching lists of guidelines, I don’t understand your rules, looks can be deceiving but we’re not all tools, some of us see what you are, the lines you draw what’s good for one isn’t good for all, it’s all for you, the more you show the less you do, trying to find reasons is like trying to stop seasons, I can’t make out where your faith comes from, conflicting pictures produced by your perception of scripture, instead of figuring out what underlies why not read with your fucking eyes, again it’s only good if it doesn’t benefit everyone, if it feeds and clothes yours but starves and kills my son, or hers or his, only sense in this, is greed and hate, filling your plates, hiding behind your god or flags you don’t even believe in, it’s you who’s getting raped the rest of us are leavin. Further attempts to…. Bye for now. Got sense.

Jul 24


So here I am again. I spent my twenties in a band delivering flowers, running gas lines, doing construction, having kids, and becoming a heroin addict. The band broke up, I quit the flower shop, got fired from a couple construction jobs and the gas line company went out of business. I never had a problem continuing my heroin addiction though. I did manage to stop at three kids although later a bitch killed a baby of mine. I’m pro choice but the circumstances were really fucked up which seems to strengthen my anger at her choice to do so. Now I’m in my late thirties. I’ve spent four of those years behind bars. Most of which were important years to my kids. The last years of those days when they want to spend time with their parents. Now my kids are teens. One of which has the mentality of a 5 or 6 years old the result of a rare disorder than causes any number of problems mental growth being one of them. That’s the youngest. The oldest has managed to graduate high school on time something me or her mother couldn’t or didn’t accomplish which is something to be proud of. The middle child, my son. He’s been on the run now for about 5 days from the cops for leaving the house after being placed on house arrest. I realize now this is my fault. I’m a horrible father and I never should have been allowed to have children. Maybe I never should have been allowed to continued living after the way I treated my teen years. The past few months I’ve been reawakened to the shitty state of this world. Maybe that has kept me sidetracked from watching what has been going on with my son, further evidence that I’m lacking in my ability to be a good decent functioning parent. I used to think that if I could go back I would do better in school or try harder to find something I was really interested in career wise. Today I think, I would avoid meeting my kids mother. I would avoid causing all the pain I have caused her and my kids. When I first went to jail, my ex was forced to live in all sorts of places with people she wouldn’t have ended up with had I not been so fucking stupid. This time, it was thanks giving 2003, I make a phone call to my mother in law, who normally would three way a call to Colorado so I could talk to my kids. This night when I call I find out that I can’t talk to the kids they aren’t there. The two youngest are at a babysitters, while my oldest who was ten at the time was at the hospital being tested for rape. While I was sitting in jail, and her mom was at work, her uncle Ed Turner raped my ten year old girl, his niece. This is my fault. My son being the way he is is my fault. I am a horrible father and someone should shoot me. Further attempts to…. Bye for now. Got bullets.

Jul 17

Opera browser unblocks the Pirate Bay #TPB -


In 2006 Opera was the first browser to include BitTorrent support. Recently, it has introduced a new feature for BitTorrent users. Opera is offering a “Turbo” service, which makes web pages load a lot faster on a slower connection by compressing compressible files on the pages you are trying to load.

“When Opera Turbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera’s servers so that they use much less data than the originals. This means that there is less to download, so you can see your webpages more quickly,” Opera explains.

You may be thinking what has that got to do with torrent users? Well, when enabling Turbo mode in Opera, The Pirate Bay loads fine for those users whose ISP blocks The Pirate Bay. So if you’re struggling to get online with the Pirate Bay then Opera could be for you, if you want a hassle-free integrated solution. Or you could just use one of the thousands of proxies and workarounds available on the internet currently if you’d rather not use Opera as your browser.

Opera browser unblocks the Pirate Bay

Anonymous Pr -

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Jun 14

#Anonymous, Jr.: #German police search scores of underage ‘hackers’ -


By Thomas Peter, 14 June, 2012

German police have carried out a massive operation targeting people connected to a DDoS attack by hacktivist group Anonymous. Surprisingly, the majority of the hundred or so suspects turned out to be underage.

­Police have conducted searches in the houses of some 106 individuals suspected of being involved into the Anonymous attack on the website of GEMA, a company protecting copyright laws.

According to police, for many parents, the police visit came as a big surprise, leading to a tough talk with their kids.

The organizer behind the attack on GEMA was a user calling himself AnonLulz, who on December 17 published a script that allowed sending multiple simultaneous requests to the website to disrupt its services.

Although the attack failed, the website was significantly slowed down.

All those who used the script have been considered by police as suspects in the case.

Police initiated a criminal case into the incident on charges of computer sabotage. In Germany, such a crime is punished by a fine or jail sentence.

It was also reported that Anonymous representatives are now offering legal assistance to all suspects.

The German branch of the group has written on its Twitter account that “innocents have been raided.”

The very fact that the IP addresses of the attackers were easily traceable also speaks against the presumption that those suspected belong to Anonymous.

Anonymous, a group of online activists that originated in the early 2000s, regularly attacks websites of different institutions all over the world. The group usually confirms or refutes its involvement via Twitter. Since the beginning of this year, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for attacking websites of such high profile organizations as the CIA, Interpol and the FBI.

Anonymous, Jr.: German police search scores of underage ‘hackers’ — RT